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Nick Peeples

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Nick is a middle TN native who married his childhood sweetheart, Shelli. Together they have 2 beautiful daughters who are both active in their church and school.  


Nick has a BA in History from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina and an MA in Religion from Northwest Nazarene University.  He entered ministry in 2003 and has served in Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi.  


He played sports in high school and college and enjoys staying active.  When possible, his hobbies are fishing, scuba diving, mountain biking, and reading.  


Nick believes that our best opportunity of growth in Christ comes through life together in community. 

Emily Wise

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Emily Wise has served as the Administrator of Crossroads Church for 8 years.  She loves being married to her best friend, Rob, mom to Ruby, Ella, and Brianna, mother in law to Adam and grandma ("Lolly") to Nona Marie.  In her spare time she is usually reading or cooking.

Anita Kell

Discipleship Ministries Coordinator


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Anita was saved when she was in elementary school.  She remembers a Sunday school teacher praying with her and leading her to Christ. She was sanctified during a revival at her home church. She grew up in this church with her family. She rebelled when she was in her twenties and left the church.  But her church family never stopped praying for her. She returned when she met her husband Buck and has been in the church ever since.  She served in children's ministries starting in her early 30's and was asked to be children's director.  She declined, saying that she wasn’t ready for that role. About a year later she was asked again. At this time, God let her know that it was time and she accepted the call. She has been actively serving since that time. Some time later she was asked to be SDMI Chairperson. She remembers asking, “God do I give up children's ministries?” He spoke to her and let her know that with His help, she could serve in both capacities. She currently serves as SDMI Chairperson and Children's Administrator. She also serves as hospitality director and is willing to serve wherever God opens the door.  She often says, “I love the Lord and love to serve Him by doing God's work.”

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